Chapter 9

Chemical Reactions

Every chemical reaction begins with the formula of one or more substances (reactants) followed by an arrow and ends with the formula of one or more substances (products). There are many types of chemical reactions; however, only a few basic types appear in this chapter. Redox reactions tend to be more difficult to balance than the other reactions here, so you use a systematic approach to balance most redox reactions.

The Problems You’ll Work On

In this chapter, you work with chemical reactions in the following ways:

check.png Identifying types of reactions

check.png Balancing chemical equations

check.png Balancing redox reactions

Note: See the Appendix if you need to check the periodic table.

What to Watch Out For

Remember the following when working on chemical reactions:

check.png When balancing equations, never change a chemical formula; change only the coefficients.

check.png There are only a few basic reaction types here, so don’t invent new ones. But note that a reaction may fit into more than one ...

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