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China Stock Market Handbook

Book Description

A comprehensive reference book for investors, financial professionals and anyone studying and investing in the China and Hong Kong stock markets.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. China Stock Market Fundamentals
    1. A Brief History of China’s Stock Market
      1. The Mainland China Stock Market Development
      2. The Hong Kong Stock Market History
    2. Regulatory Organizations
      1. China Securities Regulatory Commission
      2. The Securities Association of China (SAC)
      3. Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC)
    3. The Stock Exchanges
      1. Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)
      2. Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE)
      3. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx)
    4. Key Concept of China Stock Markets
      1. A shares
      2. B shares
      3. H shares
      4. ST shares
      5. QDII - Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors
      6. QFII - Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor
      7. SME Board - Small and Medium Enterprises Board
      8. GEM - Growth Enterprise Market
    5. Major Indices of Chinese Stock Markets
      1. Shanghai Stock Exchange Indices
      2. Shenzhen Stock Exchange Indices
      3. China Securities Index 300
      4. Dow Jones China Offshore 50 Index
      5. Hang Seng Index
  3. Stock Market Data and Statistics
    1. Stock Market Date in Mainland China
      1. Market Summary at the National Level
      2. Shanghai Stock Exchange Market Data
      3. Shenzhen Stock Exchange Statistics
    2. Hong Kong Stock Market Statistics
  4. China Investor Landscape
    1. Investor Data in SSE
    2. Investor Data in SZSE
    3. Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (“QFIIs”) in China
      1. Introduction
      2. QFII/Custodian/Broker
      3. Certain Restrictions Relating to the QFII Scheme
      4. Qualifications of QFII
      5. The List and Quota of QFII in China
  5. IPO and Listing Process in China and Hong Kong Markets
    1. The Initial Public Offering (IPO)
      1. IPO in Mainland China
      2. IPO in Hong Kong
    2. Getting Listed in Stock Exchanges
      1. Getting Listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange
      2. Getting Listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange
      3. Getting Listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange
    3. Overview of the Listed Companies
      1. The Listed Companies on Shanghai Stock Exchange
      2. The Listed Companies on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange
      3. China H Share Companies on HKEx
  6. Stock Trading and Clearing
    1. Trading in Shanghai Stock Exchange
      1. SSE Trading Summary in 2006
      2. SSE Trading Rules and Process
    2. Trading in ShenZhen Stock Exchange
      1. SZSE Trading Summary in 2006
      2. SZSE Trading Rules and Process
    3. B-share Trading
      1. General Rules of B-share Trading
      2. Warrants for Rights Issue Transaction
      3. Difference of B-share Trading in SSE and SZSE
    4. Trading in Hong Kong Stock Exchange
      1. Trading Summary in HKEx
      2. Trading Rules of the HKEx
      3. Public Trade Types
      4. Trading Rules of the HK Derivatives Market
    5. Securities Clearing
      1. The Clearing System in Mainland China
      2. Central Clearing and Settlement System of HK
  7. Mutual Funds in China
    1. Fund Management Companies in Mainland China
    2. Open-end Fund
    3. Close-end Fund
    4. Index and EFT Funds
    5. LOF Fund
    6. QDII Funds
    7. China Equity Funds in HK and Other Countries
  8. Securities Brokerage Firms
    1. Securities Company Establishment and Operation in China
      1. Requirements
      2. Business Scopes
      3. Risk Control
    2. Brokerage Firms in Mainland China
      1. Top 20 Brokerage Firms in Trading Volume
      2. Summary of Member Security Firms in SSE
      3. Summary of Member Security Firms in SZSE
      4. List of Security Firms in Mainland China
    3. Brokerage Firms in Hong Kong
  9. Laws and Regulations
    1. Laws of the P. R. China Concerning the Securities Market
      1. The Company Law of the People’s Republic of China
      2. Securities Law of the People’s Republic of China
      3. Law of the People’s Republic of China on Securities Investment Fund
      4. Accounting Law of the People’s Republic of China
      5. Trust Law of the People’s Republic of China
    2. Regulations of the P. R. China Concerning the Securities Market
      1. Measures for the Administration of Stock Exchanges
      2. Regulations of the Public Offering Review Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission
      3. Circular on Promulgation of Procedures for Public Offering Review of the China Securities Regulatory Commission
      4. Securities Depository and Clearing Rules
      5. Interim Measures for the Administration of Securities Investment Funds
      6. Provisional Measures Administration of Domestic Securities Investments of Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (QFII)
      7. Special Regulations of the State Council Concerning Issuing and Listing of Shares Overseas by Company
    3. Rules of Stock Exchanges
      1. Trading Rules of Shanghai Stock Exchange
      2. Shenzhen Stock Exchange Trading Rules
      3. Special Provisions on Trading on the SME Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange
      4. Special Regulations on Suspending and Terminating the Listing of Stocks on SME Board
      5. Corporate Bonds Listing Rules of Shanghai Stock Exchange
  10. Appendices
    1. Glossary
      1. A
      2. B
      3. C
      4. D
      5. E
      6. F
      7. G
      8. H
      9. I
      10. L
      11. M
      12. N
      13. O
      14. P
      15. Q
      16. R
      17. S
      18. T
      19. U
      20. V
      21. X
      22. Y
      23. Z
    2. Useful Web Links
      1. Regulatory Authorities
      2. Popular Specialized Securities Websites in China
      3. Domestic B-share Brokers
      4. International B-share Brokers
    3. Web Links of the Listed Companies of HKEx
    4. Timeline of the Development of China’s Stock Market