Chapter 5

Exploring Chromebook Apps

In This Chapter

arrow Learning about apps

arrow Reviewing some pre-installed apps

arrow Searching for and installing new apps

Because Google’s original vision for Chromebook was to create a computer that did most of its work over the Internet, Chromebook operates almost completely out of the Chrome web browser. Unlike Windows or Mac machines, applications aren’t installed on the Chromebook; instead, they’re stored on remote computers and accessed over the Internet. Google has numerous web-based applications to help you with work, school, personal development, entertainment, and more. This concept — using online applications and eliminating the need to install software locally — reduces costs for both Google and for the consumer because the Chromebook doesn’t require expensive hardware to run the applications.

In this chapter, you get a brief overview of the applications that come with your Chromebook, as well as the lowdown on how to find and add new applications to your App Launcher. Keep in mind that adding apps to your Chromebook requires little more than adding a shortcut to your menu and adjusting a few settings.

Exploring Chromebook’s Pre-Installed Apps ...

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