Appendix B

Modified Nodal Analysis Stamps

B.1 Modified Nodal Analysis Matrix Stamps

The purpose of this appendix is to give a summary of modified nodal analysis (MNA) stamps [1]. They show how to enter circuit elements into the MNA matrix. In this book, we concentrated on linear elements. For most circuit solvers, the linear part is an important subset of a program. Further, details and references on this subject can be found in Refs [1–5]. In general, we attempt to adhere to the basic SPICE language statements [6] as a command language for the overall solution approach. The fundamental MNA concepts are presented in Chapter 2. For the convenience of the reader, we duplicate the circuit element Table B.1. The stamps represent contribution of the circuit elements in the table to the MNA matrix.

Table B.1 Small list of circuit elements for which we need MNA matrix stamps.

Circuit elements Frequency domain Time domain
c0B-math-001 Resistance c0B-math-002 c0B-math-003
c0B-math-004 Capacitance c0B-math-005
Current controlled ...

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