Acquisitions Editor: Jeff Kellum

Development Editor: Sara Barry

Technical Editors: Brady Pamplin and Tim Heagarty

Production Editor: Christine O’Connor

Copy Editor: Sharon Wilkey

Editorial Manager: Pete Gaughan

Production Manager: Tim Tate

Vice President and Executive Group Publisher: Richard Swadley

Vice President and Publisher: Neil Edde

Book Designers: Judy Fung and Bill Gibson

Compositor: Craig Woods, Happenstance Type-O-Rama

Proofreader: Publication Services, Inc.

Indexer: Robert Swanson

Project Coordinator, Cover: Katherine Crocker

Cover Designer: Ryan Sneed

Illustrators: Kayla McGee, Aaron Tate

Reviewers: Eric Phifer, Stace McRae, Joseph Shook, Chuck Write, Everette Hubbard, Khan Hamid, and Connie Kerr

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