Chapter 6. Business Application System Development, Acquisition, Implementation, and Maintenance

Key concepts you will need to understand:

  • ✓ System-development methodologies and tools (prototyping, RAD, SDLC, object-oriented design techniques)

  • ✓ Documentation and charting methods

  • ✓ Application implementation practices (piloting, parallel run)

  • ✓ Software quality-assurance methods

  • ✓ Application architecture (client/server applications, object-oriented design, data warehousing, web-based applications, interfaces)

  • ✓ Testing principles, methods, and practices

  • ✓ Project-management principles, methods, and practices (PERT, CPM, estimation techniques)

  • ✓ Application system-acquisition processes (evaluation of vendors, preparation of contracts, vendor management, ...

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