How to do it...

  1. Create the external routed network (TenantA | Networking | External Routed Networks | Create Routed Outside).
  2. Name the new identity.
  3. Select the EIGRP checkbox.
  4. Set the AS number.
  5. Click on the plus sign next to Nodes And Interfaces Protocol Policies.
  6. Name the Node Profile.
  7. Click on the plus sign to add the node.
  8. Select the Node ID.
  9. Set the router ID.
  10. Set any static routes needed.
  11. Click on OK.
  12. Click on the plus sign next to EIGRP Interface Profiles.
  1. Name the new profile.
  2. Now we need to create an EIGRP policy or use the default one. This field will show the red circle next to it, showing that it is a required field.
  3. Create the interface.
  4. Set the IP address.
  5. Click on OK.
  1. Click OK once more.
  1. Click OK yet again.
  2. Click on ...

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