How to do it...

  1. We need to create another tenant for this recipe. Repeat the previous recipes from this chapter using the following settings:
    • Name: TenantB
    • Bridge Domain Name: TenantB-BD
    • VRF Name: TenantB_VRF
    • Subnet:
    • Application Profile Name: TenantB_AP1
    • EPG Name: TenantB_EPG1 
  1. This has created another tenant, but at the moment, the two will be unable to communicate. We need to edit the subnets we have created and set them to Shared between VRFs. Navigate to Tenants | TenantA | Networking | Bridge Domains | TenantA-BD | Subnets |, and tick the Shared Between VRFs checkbox. Click on SUBMIT and apply the changes. Repeat the process for the TenantB 10.0.1/24 subnet.
  2. We are going to create a very basic contract. ...

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