C-1. Intrusion Detection System Module

  • The IDSM can analyze a data stream and recognize intrusions or malicious activity based on a set of attack signatures.

  • The IDSM can monitor up to 100 Mbps of data. If the data rate rises above that maximum, some packets will be lost and attacks could go unrecognized.

  • You can subscribe to receive IDS bulletins describing new signature updates, service packs, or product news. Enter your email address and a password at www.cisco.com/warp/public/779/largeent/it/ids_news/subscribe.html.

  • The IDSM has two logical switch ports: a capture or “sniffing” port (port 1), and a control port (port 2).

  • Monitored traffic must be sent to the capture port. Only the VLANs of which that capture port is a member can be monitored. ...

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