13-3. QoS Data Export

  • QoS statistics data can be gathered from sources within a switch and sent to a data collection device.

  • QoS data export is limited to the Catalyst 6000 family.

  • Statistics data is exported using a specific UDP port or a syslog facility.

  • The sources of QoS data can be one of the following. The data fields shown are separated by a delimiter character when data is exported:

    - Switch port— Data export type 1, slot/port, number of ingress packets, ingress bytes, egress packets, egress bytes, and a time stamp.
    - Aggregate policer— Data export type 3, policer name, number of in-profile packets, out-of-profile packets exceeding the CIR, out-of-profile packets exceeding the PIR, and a time stamp.
    - QoS policy class map— Data export type ...

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