14-3. Voice Modules

  • Catalyst 4000 access gateway— Performs as a WAN router, H.323 voice over IP (VoIP) gateway, and an SCCP digital signal processor (DSP) farm for Cisco CallManager. The module also supports these interfaces:

    - One Gigabit Ethernet 802.1Q trunk into the switch backplane, supporting up to six VLANs

    - Two voice/WAN interface cards (VWIC)— One or two-port T1 or E1 trunks
    - One voice interface card (VIC)— Two-port Foreign Exchange Station (FXS), two-port Foreign Exchange Office (FXO), or two-port ISDN BRI/ST
    - One WAN interface card (WIC) slot— One-port 56/64 kbps DSU/CSU, two-port asynchronous/synchronous serial
  • Catalyst 4000 8-port RJ-21 FXS module— VoIP gateway with 8 FXS interfaces for analog phone and fax devices.

  • Catalyst 4224 ...

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