Section 3 - Advancements in the ASA

Latest Features of the ASA

We are now at Section 3 in this short cut, the final section. Section 1 covered what a firewall is and briefly reviewed the history of firewalls. Section 2 examined the four main firewall technologies from Cisco: the Cisco IOS Firewall, the PIX Firewall, the FWSM, and the ASA.

It is with the ASA that the focus on this section remains. Version 7.2 of the ASA software brought with it some new features. These new features are based on three main technology areas: VPNs, intrusion prevention, and content security. We now cover each of these areas and discuss the functionality in each with Release 7.2 of the ASA software.

Virtual Private Networks

A VPN can be defined as a method to “securely ...

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