How MPS Works

The MPS software module implements the functionality of the MPS in compliance with the ATM Forum MPOA specification. The following sections describe the functions of MPS:

  • MPS-NHRP Routing Interaction

  • Shortcut Domains

MPS-NHRP Routing Interaction

MPS has to interact with the NHRP module in the router to smoothly propagate MPOA/NHRP packets end-to-end. MPOA frames are identical to NHRP frames except for some specific op-codes and extensions for MPOA.

The following process explains the interaction of MPS and NHRP:

MPS converts MPOA resolution requests to NHRP requests and sends it either to the next hop MPS or to the next-hop server (NHS), depending on the configuration. MPS searches for the next-hop routing information to determine ...

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