Configuring MLS

This section provides a sample MLS configuration. To check if MLS is enabled, type the show mls command on the switch, as shown in Example 6-2.

Example 6-2. MLS Output from the Switch
Switch3 (enable) show mls Multilayer switching enabled Multilayer switching aging time = 256 seconds Multilayer switching fast aging time = 0 seconds, packet threshold = 0 Current flow mask is Destination flow Configured flow mask is Destination flow Total packets switched = 0 Active shortcuts = 0 Netflow Data Export disabled Netflow Data Export port/host is not configured. Total packets exported = 0 MLS-RP IP MLS-RP ID XTAG MLS-RP MAC-Vlans ---------------- ------------ ---- --------------------------------- 0010f6b34800 2 00-10-f6-b3-48-00 ...

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