Cisco Network Design Solutions for Small-Medium Businesses

Book Description

Maximize the potential of your small-medium business network with effective design solutions that cover network security, IP telephony, unified communications, wireless networks, and CRM.

  • Design and implement effective network solutions by mastering the design process that is used by successful networking professionals

  • Understand the diversity of solutions for the SMB environment, avoiding the pitfalls of the one-size-fits-all approach

  • Create effective and customizable security solutions across the spectrum of SMB types and sizes

  • Exploit the trend of universal communications convergence by expanding into the VoIP market with the Cisco IP Telephony and unified communication solutions

  • Break into the fast-growing CRM marketplace with the Cisco CRM integration solutions

  • Implement wireless LAN solutions that facilitate productivity and workforce optimization

  • In today's business world, investing in technology solutions that improve productivity and save money is critical, but the road to a modern, technology-driven business is full of pitfalls. Cisco Network Design Solutions for Small-Medium Businesses zeros in on critical solutions for networking professionals who are deploying computer networks within a small-medium business (SMB). You'll learn about core networking issues and associated solutions, including security, IP telephony, unified communications, customer relations management (CRM), wireless LANs, and more within this complete design guide.

    Cisco Network Design Solutions for Small-Medium Businesses is separated into two parts. Part I helps you explore the network design process, survey the SMB landscape, and identify your network requirements from the edge to the core for an effective solution implementation. Part II delves into security, CRM, IP telephony, unified messaging, IP/TV, and wireless LAN solutions, which can save businesses critical time and money.

    For networking professionals, Cisco Network Design Solutions for Small-Medium Businesses is a one-stop reference and design guide for the effective implementation of SMB networking solutions that enhance the bottom-line.

    This book is part of the Networking Technology Series from Cisco Press¿ which offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing efficient networks, understanding new technologies, and building successful careers.

    Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. About the Author
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. Introduction
    5. Network Design Process and Solutions Overview for SMBs
      1. Effective Networking Solution Design Process
        1. Step 1: Identifying Stakeholder Requirements
        2. Step 2: Validating Stakeholder Requirements
        3. Step 3: Creating and Reviewing the Draft Design Document
        4. Step 4: Creating a Final Design Document Before Implementation
        5. Networking Solution Implementation Considerations
        6. Putting It All Together
        7. Summary
      2. SMB Networking Environments and Solutions Design Considerations
        1. One Name, a Multitude of Shapes and Sizes
        2. SMB Networking Solutions Design Considerations
        3. Solution Identification and Discovery Process for SMBs
        4. Summary
      3. Network Infrastructure Requirements for Effective Solutions Implementation
        1. The Telecom Closets
        2. Data Centers or Computer Rooms
        3. The User Desktop Environment
        4. Network Upgrades Planning
        5. Applications, E-Mail, and Network-Management Tools
        6. Summary
    6. SMB Networking Design Solutions
      1. Overview of the Network Security Issues
        1. Categories of Security Threats
        2. What Security Threats Mean to an SMB
        3. Which to Fear More: Internal or External Security Threats
        4. Security Threat Antidotes
        5. The Importance of Having a Security Policy
        6. Summary
      2. Cisco Security Solutions
        1. Virtual Private Networks
        2. Firewalls
        3. Intrusion Detection Systems
        4. Router Security Features
        5. Summary
      3. The Wireless LAN Solution
        1. WLAN-Specific Security Considerations
        2. WLAN Performance and Topology Considerations
        3. WLAN Components
        4. The Cisco WLAN (Aironet) Products Family
        5. WLAN Deployment Scenarios
        6. Summary
      4. Customer Relationship Management Solutions
        1. CRM Deployment Considerations
        2. Popular CRMs' Relationship to Cisco Products
        3. Cisco Solutions for CRM Integration
        4. Which CRM Solution Is Right for My SMB?
        5. Summary
      5. IP Telephony Solutions
        1. IP Telephony Deployment Considerations
        2. IP Telephony Components and Protocols
        3. Cisco IP Telephony Solutions
        4. Summary
      6. Unified Communications Solutions
        1. Deployment Considerations for Unified Messaging Solutions
        2. The Cisco Unity Solution
        3. The Cisco IP/TV Solution
        4. The Value of an Intranet in an SMB Environment
        5. Summary
      7. Front and Back Office Integration Solutions
        1. Getting Past the Jargon
        2. Is Integration for Me?
        3. The Integrators
        4. Summary
      8. The Future of SMB Networking
      9. Bibliography
        1. Recommended Further Reading
        2. Recommended Websites
    7. Index

    Product Information

    • Title: Cisco Network Design Solutions for Small-Medium Businesses
    • Author(s): Peter Rybaczyk
    • Release date: August 2004
    • Publisher(s): Cisco Press
    • ISBN: 1587051435