Chapter 22. clear Commands

clear ip ospf counters


clear ip ospf process-id counters


clear ip ospf process-id counters neighbor


clear ip ospf process-id counters neighbor int-name int-number

Syntax Description:

  • process-id—The OSPF process ID. The range of values is from 1 to 4,294,967,295.

  • int-name—Interface name.

  • int-number—Interface number.

Purpose: To reset neighbor state transition counters.

Initial Cisco IOS Software Release: 11.1

Example: Viewing and Clearing OSPF Neighbor State Transition Counters

The show ip ospf neighbor detail command is used to display the neighbor state transition counter.

r4#show ip ospf neighbor detail Neighbor, interface address In the area 0 via interface Ethernet1/0 Neighbor priority is 1, State ...

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