56/64 CSU/DSU connections, 555–556

6to4 tunnels, configuring, 222


AAA (Authentication, Authorization,and Accounting), configuring, 429–438

access lists

extended IP access lists, configuring, 522–525

IPv6 access lists, configuring, 533–538

Lock and Key, configuring, 442–446

reflexive, configuring, 446–448

regular expressions, configuring, 539–541

standard IP access lists, configuring, 521–531

standard MAC address access lists,configuring, 532–533

access to router, configuring, 12–13

accessing privileged mode, 14–15

accounting, configuring, 436–437

address spoofing, 427–428

administrative distance, 294

default administrative distances, 307

aggregatable global addresses, 197

alias commands, 27–28

APS (Automatic Protection Switching), ...

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