574 Chapter 15: Upgrades and Migrations
Some method should be devised for recording the results. Documenting the test cases
should follow a similar structure as that shown in Table 15-1.
Falling Back
We discussed preparing for and performing an upgrade, as well as preparing for the chance
of an unsuccessful upgrade. As part of the preparation for the upgrade, a task list and
fallback strategy should have been developed and tested to ensure that functionality can be
restored to its previous state.
The fallback strategy should have included the steps and utilities needed to restore the Unity
server. The utilities mentioned can be found on the Unity server itself in the Tools Depot
container, or at the Cisco Unity Tools website (www.ciscounitytools.com). Besides having
the steps and tools to fall back, you should have test cases to ensure that the Unity server
works after it has been restored.
Reconfiguring Unity
The 4.03 release includes a reconfiguration document that provides direction on how to
reconfigure several aspects of Unity.
Not unlike an upgrade, planning and testing should take precedence over merely trying to
run through what seems to be the logical motions and then reading the directions later. With
that approach, potentially irreversible damage can take place, causing a reinstallation to be
required. It can also lead to a very dissatisfied enduser population.
Reconfiguring a Unity server can include, but is not limited to, the following tasks:
Changing the IP address
Moving Exchange off the box
Changing the Exchange Partner Server
Changing the Global Catalog Server
Moving from Exchange 5.5 to 2000
Renaming the Unity server
Table 15-1 Example Test Case and Results
Test Case Name Test Criteria Expected Result
Pass or Fail
MWI ON Call into the Unity server
and leave a message for
Extension 12345.
After the message has
been left, the MWI lamp
on the phone should
turn on.

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