Upgrading Cisco Unified Communications Software 227
Step 3
Configure your PA system.
Step 4 Refresh your PA system. To do so, log on to the PA administration interface
and select System > Speech Services > Refresh Now.
NOTE When refreshing a PA server, it can take up to an hour to refresh the service configuration and
reload the directory and speech-recognition grammars. This depends on the size of the
corporate directory.
Step 5 Re-enable the McAfee NetShield services and Cisco Security Agent if they
are installed on the PA server.
Upgrading Cisco Unified Communications Software
Understanding the supported upgrades and the upgrade process will help you to successfully
upgrade Cisco Unity and PA. Some upgrades require more steps than others, and not all
upgrades from previous versions of Cisco Unity to Cisco Unity 4.0 are supported. This is also
true when upgrading to PA 1.4. Being familiar with this will help you to avoid possible
configuration issues and problems that may occur during the upgrade process.
To benefit fully from this section, it is recommended that you should already be familiar with
the following information. (If you need a quick review, see the designated chapter or section,
where you can find more information on the topic.)
The new features that come with Cisco Unity 4.0 (see Chapter 1)
The features that come with Cisco PA (see Chapter 1)
The Cisco Unity and Cisco PA software components covered in the “Understanding
Unified Communications Software” section of this chapter
Upgrading from Cisco Unity 2.4x or 3.x to Cisco Unity 4.0
The upgrade to Cisco Unity 4.0 from previous versions of Cisco Unity is supported. However,
versions of Cisco Unity prior to 3.0 require a reinstallation of Cisco Unity, which includes re-
entering the database. Versions prior to Cisco Unity 3.0 stored database attributes in Exchange’s
custom attributes 12 to 15, because the Exchange Directory Service was not extensible. With
the release of Cisco Unity 3.0, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or MSDE became the main database
store. It is not possible to move the attributes from Exchange to SQL without reinstalling the
The procedures for performing the supported upgrades are discussed later in this section.
228 Chapter 8: Cisco Unified Communications System Software
When upgrading, as an option you can choose to prepare for a possible downgrade if there are
problems with the upgrade. There are instructions for this in the Cisco Unity Installation Guide,
which you can find at Cisco.com. (You can also choose to make a backup.)
Supported upgrades to Cisco Unity 4.0 for Exchange are as follows:
Cisco Unity 3.0(1–3)
Cisco Unity 3.1(X)
Cisco Unity 2.4(5–6)—requires a Cisco Unity reinstallation
Upgrades from Cisco Unity Versions 2.3(4.104) and earlier are not supported. The utilities used
to export and import the database, subscriber, and other information from a Cisco Unity 2.x
system and import into a 4.0(x) system do not work on systems that have Version 2.3(4.104) or
earlier. Cisco Unity must be installed as a new system and must be reconfigured. The previous
data will be lost.
NOTE When upgrading from Cisco Unity 2.4(x), you must first upgrade to Cisco Unity 4.0(2), then
upgrade to the latest version of Cisco Unity.
Determining the Cisco Unity Software Version Number
To determine the software versions for Cisco Unity and the Cisco Unity-CM TSP, you must find
the Cisco Unity version number and the Cisco Unity-CM TSP version.
Locating Cisco Unity Version Number
There are two ways you can find the Cisco Unity version used on your system. The first way is
to use the Cisco Unity Administrator. Go to the Cisco Unity Administrator > System >
Configuration > Software Versions page.
The second way is to look at the properties of the AvCsMgr.exe file. This list is for Cisco Unity
3.0(4) and later:
Step 1 Find the CommServer directory.
Step 2 Find the AvCsMgr.exe file, right-click it, and then choose Properties.
Step 3 Within the Properties window, click the Version tab.
Step 4 In the Item Name list, click Product Version.
The Cisco Unity version is shown in the Value field.

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