346 Chapter 11: Unified Communications Backup and Utilities
different directory, use the Browse button to select an existing directory or create a new one.
You can also run this tool in silent mode and schedule it to run at a given time using the
Windows Scheduler.
Understanding Unity Switch Integration Tools and
The switch integration tools, located in the Tools Depot, are a very important part of Cisco
Unity’s suite of tools. They are a great aid in troubleshooting the integration between Cisco
Unity and a telephone system. If the integration is not set up correctly, Cisco Unity may not
function properly, in which case callers may not be able to leave messages or users may not be
able to retrieve their messages. At other times, technicians may spend a great deal of time
troubleshooting Cisco Unity when in fact the issue is occurring on the telephone system. These
switch integration tools can help in isolating these issues.
To benefit fully from this section, it is recommended that you have the following prerequisite
skills and knowledge. (If you need a quick review, see the designated chapter, where you can
find more information on the topic.)
Knowledge of the different telephone switch integrations supported with Cisco Unity 4.0
(see Chapter 1, “Cisco Unified Communications System Fundamentals,” and Chapter 9)
Knowledge of Cisco Unity call flow (see Chapters 2 and 3)
Using Call Viewer
The Call Viewer application, shown in Figure 11-19, displays call information for incoming
calls on an IP integration. It displays all incoming call information, which is sometimes used to
create call routing rules in Cisco Unity. If any information for a call is not displayed by this
application, then the switch integration did not send that information. You can use Call Viewer
to initially troubleshoot calls that are not going to the proper mailbox, to view call duration, and
to view the port numbers used for incoming calls.
Figure 11-19 Call Viewer Application
Understanding Unity Switch Integration Tools and Utilities 347
The Always on Top option on the View menu is useful when you are editing and testing new
call routing rules in the System Administrator. You can have the Call Viewer open in the corner
while you are testing your new rule values.
The Cisco TAC team may want to review call data on your system. Call Viewer has an option
that allows you to save this information to a log file. It can log up to 1000 calls before clearing
the log.
Call Viewer works only with IP integrations, such as Cisco CallManager. It does not work on
circuit-switched PBXs. For circuit-switched PBXs, you would use Integration Monitor,
discussed later in the chapter in the section “Using Integration Monitor.
Using the Switch Configuration Utility
The Switch Configuration utility allows you to edit specific integration information for a switch
on the Cisco Unity server. You can set data such as MWI ON/OFF codes, the number of rings
before Cisco Unity answers an incoming call, delays or access codes needed for out-dialing to
a telephone switch, as well as tone definition settings, call supervision settings, and integration
Figure 11-20 illustrates the Switch Configuration utility in Editor mode showing the Incoming
Calls tab settings.
A field technician or a support person with knowledge of the switch integration features would
most likely use this tool if they were applying it to an integration. The system may need to be
restarted if changes are made using Switch Configuration. Use this tool carefully, because your
switch integration with the phone system can possibly stop working if this tool is used
incorrectly. The tool can modify Registry settings or change the protocol (language) used for
the switch integration. Do not use this tool when making switch-related changes to a Cisco
CallManager integration. Instead, select Start > Settings > Control Panel > Phone and
Modem Options and click the Advanced tab, on which you can gain access to the TSP used
by Cisco Unity and Cisco CallManager. You can also use the Cisco Unity Telephony Integration
Manager tool for this purpose.

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