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Cisco Voice Solutions for Medium to Large Enterprise MLE – CUCM

Video Description

Successfully build, secure, and maintain your own voice network for medium-to-large sized enterprises

About This Video

  • Quick and effective solutions to build efficient Voice Solutions for your organization
  • Make the best of both the hardware and software that Cisco has to offer for medium-to-large sized businesses
  • Fast-paced, to-the-point videos that will help you get your MLE voice network up and running

In Detail

In a large business, connectivity is everything. Cisco provides large-sized enterprises with a range of software and hardware to maintain the efficiency of their communication and network strength.

In this video tutorial, you’ll start by establishing connectivity with the hardware required for medium-to-large enterprise networks. You’ll learn to create and handle GUI connections and virtual connections. Manage your large organization’s phones and users with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager by setting up your network with the help of different interfaces and set-up dial plans. Finally, you’ll establish and manage voice services over the Cisco Unified Communications Manager’s Unity Connection.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll know how to successfully build, secure, and maintain your own voice network for medium-to-large sized enterprises.