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Symbols and Numbers

*-property rule, Bell-LaPadula model, 336–339

100-VG-AnyLAN, 519

10Base-T, 518

10Base2 (ThinNet), 518, 523

10Base5 (ThickNet), 518, 523

1G wireless communication, 648

2.4GHz frequency range, 630, 632

2.5G wireless communication, 649

2G wireless communication, 648

3DES (Triple DES), 703, 710, 733

3G wireless communication, 646–649

50-ohm coaxial cable, 523

5GHz frequency range, 630–632

75-ohm coaxial cable, 523

802.11 wireless standard, 630, 632–633

802.11a wireless standard, 630–631

802.11b wireless standard, ...

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