facial scans, biometrics, 755

Facilitated Risk Analysis Process (FRAP), 107–108, 111

facility access control

administrative responsibilities, 938–939

circumventing locks, 939–940

device locks, 938

external. See external boundary protection

grades of lock strengths, 939

locks, 933–934

mechanical locks, 934–938

overview of, 933

personnel and, 940–941

physical security and, 434–435

facility security. See physical security

facsimile (FAX) machines, remote exploitation of, 879

factors, ISMS, 907

fail-safe locks, doors, 440, 1068

fail-secure locks, doors, 440

failing securely, web application security, 1159

failover capability, 981, 1051–1052


during backup/restore of data, 1043–1044

to conform to legal standards, 1056, 1057–1058

disruption ...

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