Security Education, Training, and Awareness Programs

The CISSP candidate should be familiar with the tools and objectives of security awareness, training, and education programs.

remember.eps Security awareness is an often-overlooked factor in an information security program. Although security is the focus of security practitioners in their day-to-day functions, it’s often taken for granted that common users possess this same level of security awareness. As a result, users can unwittingly become the weakest link in an information security program. Several key factors are critical to the success of a security awareness program:

check.png Senior-level management support: Under ideal circumstances, senior management is seen attending and actively participating in training efforts.

check.png Clear demonstration of how security supports the organization’s business objectives: Employees need to understand why security is important to the organization and how it benefits the organization as a whole.

check.png Clear demonstration of how security affects all individuals and their job functions: The awareness program needs to be relevant ...

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