Chapter 11

Ten Test-Planning Tips

So much information, so little time! In this chapter, we recommend nine (mostly) long-term planning tips for helping you prepare for that special day. (No, not that special day; read Wedding Planning For Dummies, by Marcy Blum and Laura F. Kaiser [Wiley], for that one.) We’re talking about the CISSP exam here.

Know Your Learning Style

As you mentally anticipate your study and preparation for the CISSP exam, it’s important for you to understand your personal learning style. For example, you might prefer a long-term study plan as opposed to a one-week boot-camp style training course. And you may learn better in a study group, or by studying and reading alone in a quiet room. Your studying time might be more fruitful if you do it in short, frequent sessions (say, 30 minutes, a couple of times a day), or in less frequent and longer marathons (for example, four hours, a few nights a week).

To make the most of the tips in this chapter, you need to know in advance what works best for you, so you can customize your study plan and pass the CISSP exam with flying colors!

Get a Networking Certification First

The Communication and Network Security domain is the most comprehensive domain tested on the CISSP exam. Although its purpose is to test your security knowledge, you must have a strong understanding of communications and networking. For this reason, we strongly advise that you earn a networking certification, such as the CompTIA Network+ or the ...

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