Since 1994, security practitioners around the world have been pursuing a well-known and highly regarded professional credential: the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification. And since 2001, CISSP For Dummies has been helping security practitioners enhance their security knowledge and earn the coveted CISSP certification.

Today, there are approximately 140,000 CISSPs worldwide. Ironically, some skeptics might argue that the CISSP certification is becoming less relevant because so many people have earned it. But the CISSP certification isn’t less relevant because more people are attaining it; more people are attaining it because it’s more relevant now than ever. Information security is far more important than at any time in the past, with extremely large-scale data security breaches and highly sophisticated cyberattacks becoming all too frequent occurrences in our modern era.

Many excellent and reputable information security training and education programs are available. In addition to technical and industry certifications, many fully accredited postsecondary degree, certificate, and apprenticeship programs are available for information security practitioners. And there certainly are plenty of self-taught, highly skilled people working in the information security field who have a strong understanding of core security concepts, techniques, and technologies. But inevitably, there are also far too many charlatans who are all too willing ...

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