Chapter 3 Security Engineering (Domain 3)

  1. Matthew is the security administrator for a consulting firm and must enforce access controls that restrict users’ access based upon their previous activity. For example, once a consultant accesses data belonging to Acme Cola, a consulting client, they may no longer access data belonging to any of Acme’s competitors. What security model best fits Matthew’s needs?

    1. Clark-Wilson
    2. Biba
    3. Bell-LaPadula
    4. Brewer-Nash
  2. Referring to the figure shown below, what is the earliest stage of a fire where it is possible to use detection technology to identify it?

    Temperature versus time graph shows an exponentially rising curve encompassing four stages from origin to highest point such as incipient, smoke, flame and heat.

    Image reprinted from CISSP (ISC)2 Certified Information ...

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