Chapter 4 Communication and Network Security (Domain 4)

  1. What important factor listed below differentiates Frame Relay from X.25?

    1. Frame Relay supports multiple PVCs over a single WAN carrier connection.
    2. Frame Relay is a cell-switching technology instead of a packet-switching technology like X.25.
    3. Frame Relay does not provide a Committed Information Rate (CIR).
    4. Frame Relay only requires a DTE on the provider side.
  2. During a security assessment of a wireless network, Jim discovers that LEAP is in use on a network using WPA. What recommendation should Jim make?

    1. Continue to use LEAP. It provides better security than TKIP for WPA networks.
    2. Use an alternate protocol like PEAP or EAP-TLS and implement WPA2 if supported.
    3. Continue to use LEAP ...

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