Chapter 6 Security Assessment and Testing (Domain 6)

  1. During a port scan, Susan discovers a system running services on TCP and UDP 137-139 and TCP 445, as well as TCP 1433. What type of system is she likely to find if she connects to the machine?

    1. A Linux email server
    2. A Windows SQL server
    3. A Linux file server
    4. A Windows workstation
  2. Which of the following is a method used to design new software tests and to ensure the quality of tests?

    1. Code auditing
    2. Static code analysis
    3. Regression testing
    4. Mutation testing
  3. During a port scan, Lauren found TCP port 443 open on a system. Which tool is best suited to scanning the service that is most likely running on that port?

    1. zzuf
    2. Nikto
    3. Metasploit
    4. sqlmap
  4. What message logging standard is commonly ...

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