Chapter 7 Security Options (Domain 7)

  1. Referring to the figure below, what technology is shown that provides fault tolerance for the database servers?

    1. Failover cluster
    2. UPS
    3. Tape backup
    4. Cold site

    Block diagram shows internet access, load balancer, network load balancing, group of web servers, group of database servers and RAID array which is the database used by database servers.
  2. Joe is the security administrator for an ERP system. He is preparing to create accounts for several new employees. What default access should he give to all of the new employees as he creates the accounts?

    1. Read only
    2. Editor
    3. Administrator
    4. No access
  3. Which one of the following is not a privileged administrative activity that should be automatically sent to a log of superuser actions?

    1. Purging log entries
    2. Restoring a system from backup

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