Chapter 10 Practice Test 2

  1. James is building a disaster recovery plan for his organization and would like to determine the amount of acceptable data loss after an outage. What variable is James determining?

    1. SLA
    2. RTO
    3. MTD
    4. RPO
  2. Fred needs to deploy a network device that can connect his network to other networks while controlling traffic on his network. What type of device is Fred’s best choice?

    1. A switch
    2. A bridge
    3. A gateway
    4. A router
  3. Alex is preparing to solicit bids for a penetration test of his company’s network and systems. He wants to maximize the effectiveness of the testing rather than the realism of the test. What type of penetration test should he require in his bidding process?

    1. Black box
    2. Crystal box
    3. Gray box
    4. Zero box

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