Chapter 12Practice Test 4

  1. What type of access control is intended to discover unwanted or unauthorized activity by providing information after the event has occurred?

    1. Preventive
    2. Corrective
    3. Detective
    4. Directive
  2. Which one of the following presents the most complex decoy environment for an attacker to explore during an intrusion attempt?

    1. Honeypot
    2. Darknet
    3. Honeynet
    4. Pseudo flaw
    • Ben’s organization is adopting biometric authentication for their high-security building’s access control system. Using this chart, answer questions 3–5 about their adoption of the technology.
      Percentage versus sensitivity graph shows uptrend s-shaped curve depicting FRR and concave up decreasing curve depicting FAR. Point A represents intersection of curves and point B lies below A.
  3. Ben’s company is considering configuring their systems to work at ...

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