Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning


  1. Which of the following information technology (IT) contingency solution for servers minimizes the recovery time window?
    1. Electronic vaulting
    2. Remote journaling
    3. Load balancing
    4. Disk replication

    1. d. With disk replication, recovery windows are minimized because data is written to two different disks to ensure that two valid copies of the data are always available. The two disks are called the protected server (the main server) and the replicating server (the backup server). Electronic vaulting and remote journaling are similar technologies that provide additional data backup capabilities, with backups made to remote tape or disk drives over communication links. Load balancing increases server and application system availability.

  2. Which of the following IT contingency solutions for servers provides high availability?
    1. Network-attached storage
    2. System backups
    3. Redundant array of independent disks
    4. Electronic vaulting

    2. a. Virtualization network-attached storage (NAS) or storage-area network (SAN) provide high availability because it combines multiple physical storage devices into a logical, virtual storage device that can be centrally managed. System backups provide low availability. A redundant array of independent disks and electronic vaulting provide availability levels between high and low.

  3. Regarding contingency planning, which of the following IT platforms requires vendor ...

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