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CISSP Practice Exams, Fifth Edition, 5th Edition

Book Description

Fully updated coverage of the 2018 CISSP exam, including 1250+ in-depth practice questions

Take the 2018 version of the challenging CISSP exam with confidence using this up-to-date, exam-focused study resource. Designed as a companion to CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, Eighth Edition, the book contains more than 1250 realistic practice exam questions and offers 100% coverage of the 2018 CISSP Common Body of Knowledge. You will get in-depth explanations of both the correct and incorrect answers for every question.

CISSP Practice Exams, Fifth Edition, fully covers all eight exam domains. The logical structure of the book allows you to focus on specific topics and tailor your study to areas of expertise and weakness. Each chapter presents more than 25 exam questions—an additional 1000+ review questions are contained on the book’s CD-ROM.

•Thoroughly revised to cover the 2018 CISSP Common Body of Knowledge
•Written by leading experts in IT security certification and training
•Electronic content includes 1000+ practice exam questions, including drag & drop and hotspot formats