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Cities of Tomorrow: An Intellectual History of Urban Planning and Design Since 1880, 4th Edition

Book Description

Peter Hall's seminal Cities of Tomorrow remains an unrivalled account of the history of planning in theory and practice, as well as of the social and economic problems and opportunities that gave rise to it. Now comprehensively revised, the fourth edition offers a perceptive, critical, and global history of urban planning and design throughout the twentieth-century and beyond.

  • A revised and updated edition of this classic text from one of the most notable figures in the field of urban planning and design

  • Offers an incisive, insightful, and unrivalled critical history of planning in theory and practice, as well as of the underlying socio-economic challenges and opportunities

  • Comprehensively revised to take account of abundant new research published over the last decade

  • Reviews the development of the modern planning movement over the entire span of the twentieth-century and beyond

  • Draws on global examples throughout, and weaves the author's own fascinating experiences into the text to illustrate this authoritative story of urban growth

  • Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Praise for previous editions of Cities of Tomorrow
    3. Title page
    4. Copyright page
    5. Dedication
    6. Figures
    7. Preface to the Fourth Edition
    8. Preface to the Third Edition
    9. Preface to the First Edition
    10. 1 Cities of Imagination
      1. The Anarchist Roots of the Planning Movement
      2. A Warning: Some Boulders in the Trail
      3. A Guide through the Maze
    11. 2 The City of Dreadful Night
      1. The Bitter Cry
      2. The British Royal Commission of 1885
      3. Depression, Violence, and the Threat of Insurrection
      4. The Booth Survey: The Problem Quantified
      5. The Slum City in Europe
      6. New York: The Tumor in the Tenements
      7. An International Problem
    12. 3 The City of By-Pass Variegated
      1. The London County Council Starts to Build
      2. The First Town-Planning Schemes
      3. New York Discovers Zoning
      4. London: The Tube Brings Suburban Sprawl
      5. The Legacy of Tudor Walters
      6. The Building of Suburbia
      7. The Architects’ Revenge
    13. 4 The City in the Garden
      1. The Sources of Howard’s Ideas
      2. The Garden City and the Social City
      3. Letchworth and Hampstead: Unwin and Parker
      4. The Garden-City Movement between the Wars
      5. The Garden City in Europe
      6. Garden Cities in Far Places
      7. Garden Cities for America
      8. New Towns for Britain: The State Takes Over
    14. 5 The City in the Region
      1. Geddes and the Anarchist Tradition
      2. The Regional Planning Association of America
      3. The RPAA versus the Regional Plan of New York
      4. New Deal Planning
      5. The TVA
      6. The Vision Realized: London
    15. 6 The City of Monuments
      1. Burnham and the City Beautiful Movement in America
      2. The City Beautiful in the British Raj
      3. Canberra: City Beautiful Exceptional
      4. The City Beautiful and the Great Dictators
    16. 7 The City of Towers
      1. The Corbusian Ideal City
      2. The Planning of Chandigarh
      3. Brasília: The Quasi-Corbusian City
      4. The Corbusians Come to Britain
      5. The Great Rebuild
      6. Urban Renewal in America
      7. Counter-Attack: Jacobs and Newman
      8. The Dynamiting of Pruitt–Igoe
      9. The Corbusian Legacy
    17. 8 The City of Sweat Equity
      1. Geddes Goes to India
      2. Arcadia for All at Peacehaven
      3. Turner Goes to Peru
      4. China Goes to the Mountains and the Country
      5. Autonomy in the First World: Wright to Alexander
      6. The Great War against Urban Renewal
      7. The War Comes to Europe
      8. Community Architecture Arrives in Britain
    18. 9 The City on the Highway
      1. A Wellsian Prophecy is Fulfilled
      2. Los Angeles Shows the Way28
      3. Frank Lloyd Wright and the Soviet Deurbanists
      4. “The Suburbs Are Coming!”
      5. Suburbia: The Great Debate
      6. Controlling Suburban Growth in Europe
      7. Squaring the Circle: Planning the European Metropolis
      8. The Stockholm Alternative189
      9. Paris: Haussmann Revisited
      10. The Great Freeway Revolt and After
    19. 10 The City of Theory
      1. The Prehistory of Academic City Planning: 1930–1955
      2. The Systems Revolution
      3. The Search for a New Paradigm
      4. The Marxist Ascendancy
      5. The Continuing Divorce of Theory and Practice: Postmodern Theory Exits from the World as We Know It95
      6. The World Outside the Tower: Practice Retreats from Theory
    20. 11 The City of Enterprise:
      1. The Rousification of America
      2. The Great Enterprise Zone Debate
      3. The Battle for Docklands32
      4. Regeneration in Action: Manchester and Rotterdam
      5. The Enterprise Zone Goes Abroad
      6. The Attack on Planning
    21. 12 The City of the Tarnished Belle Époque
      1. The Global-Informational City: Symbolic Analysts and No-Hopers
      2. The Digitalization of the World
      3. Planning and Urban Policy: Codification versus Urban Entrepreneurship
      4. Thames Gateway: The last 1980s Regeneration Project?
      5. The Mega-Project: An Eastern Asian Art Form?
      6. The Campaign for Urban Quality
      7. Sustainable Urbanism in Practice: The United Kingdom’s Urban Task Force and After
      8. The Search for Sustainability
      9. New Models for Planning Pilgrims
      10. Planning Gain and Social Equity
      11. Growth, Equity, and Environment
    22. 13 The City of the Permanent Underclass
      1. Chicago Discovers the Underclass
      2. The Sociologists Invade the Ghetto
      3. The Impact of the Ghetto Riots
      4. After the Riots
      5. The Underclass in Britain
      6. Fifteen Years Later: The Attack on Social Exclusion
      7. Postscript: August 2011
    23. Bibliography
    24. Index
    25. End User License Agreement