Citizen Wealth

Book Description

From the founder of ACORN, the nation's largest grassroots community organization, comes this hard-hitting blueprint for helping working families establish a solid foundation of income and assets that equals true economic security—what Wade Rathke calls citizen wealth. Through compelling stories from the trenches of local, state, and national campaigns, where hardscrabble wins and smart negotiating have produced positive economic change for millions, Rathke shows how activists, government, business, and working people can join together to make citizen wealth a major priority and a visible reality.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Preface
    1. The Road Ahead
  5. Introduction: From the Bottom Up
  6. Part I: Creating Citizen Wealth
    1. 1: Building a Winning Campaign for Economic Security
      1. Low- and Moderate-Income Families
      2. Business Models
      3. The Nexus of Wealth
    2. 2: Home Ownership Through Community Reinvestment
      1. The Community Reinvestment Act
      2. Intergenerational Wealth
      3. Immigrants and Home Ownership
    3. 3: Stopping Foreclosures and Predatory Lending
      1. The Subprime Housing Market
      2. Financial Justice Campaigns
      3. The Subprime Implosion and Foreclosures
      4. Public Goals and Private Enterprise
      5. ARMs
      6. Credit Desert
    4. 4: Making Work Pay Living Wages
      1. The Living Wage Movement
      2. Campaign Lessons
    5. 5: Creating Wealth Through Worker Organizations
      1. Worker Organizations
      2. The Lessons of Majority Unionism
  7. Part II: Protecting and Advancing Citizen Wealth
    1. 6: Making Earned Income Tax Credits Work for Workers
      1. EITC
      2. EITC Campaigns
      3. A Note On Citizen Wealth for Immigrants
    2. 7: Guarding Tax Refunds and Combatting High Prices
      1. Refund Anticipation Loans
      2. Inflation: The High Cost of Food and Fuel
    3. 8: The Debt Trap
      1. Borrowing for Education
      2. Credit Card Debt
      3. Microfinance
      4. Immigrant Credit and Remittances
    4. 9: The “Maximum Eligible Participation” Solution
      1. Food Stamps
      2. Programs for the Poor That Need Increased Participation
      3. TANF, Unemployment Insurance, and Childcare Credits
      4. Putting Together a National Participation Campaign
  8. Part III: Changing the Terms of the Debate
    1. 10: Working With Corporations to Create an Asset Climate
      1. HSBC Turns the Tide
      2. JPMorgan Chase, FDI, and IRS Get In the Game
    2. 11: Business Models That Embrace Citizen Wealth
      1. H&R Block Doing Right
      2. Wal-Mart and Mass Retail
      3. AARP’s Business
      4. Why Isn’t the Low- and Moderate-Income Market Valued More Highly?
      5. Financial Products for the LMI Market
    3. 12: Bringing Citizens Into the Wealth-Building Process
      1. Whose Job Is It?
      2. The Building Blocks of a New Platform
      3. Adding Branches to the Tree
      4. Using a Captive Audience
    4. 13: The Future of Citizen Wealth
      1. Current Government Spending On Citizen Wealth
      2. Fixing What Is Broken
      3. Getting In Gear
      4. Building the Citizen Wealth Campaign
  9. Notes
  10. Acknowledgments
  11. Index
  12. About the Author
  13. About Berrett-Koehler Publishers
    1. A BK Currents Book
  14. Be Connected

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  • Title: Citizen Wealth
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2009
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781576758748