Classic Portrait Photography

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Learn the classic studio lighting photography styles and skills that a professional portrait photographer uses. Portrait Photography: Do you want to take beautiful images of people? Portrait photography is one of least understand disciplines in photography… Because most photographers have never been taught the basics... Good Portrait Photography: Good portraiture is as much science as it is an art form! Once you understand a few simple principles you will be able to take classic beautiful portraits of your subjects! These principles will move you away from amatuer portraiture and move you towards professional portraiture where you will understand how lighting patterns work and what the classic lighting conventions are. State Of The Art Virtual Studio: This course was created using a virtual photography studio. All elements are designed to be simple and easy to visually comprehend and understand using a virtual 3d environment. You will instantly be able to see the lighting patterns we are teaching and how the lights create those patterns. All the virtual studio sets come with PDF downloads so you can set your own lighting to match the lesson sets! What You Will Learn: In this course you will learn the basic lighting techniques that professional portrait photographers use and the basic equipment required. You will learn the difference between a soft light source and a hard light source and how that affects your images. You will learn the classic lighting patterns professional portrait photographers use and the correct lighting terminology for portraiture. You will learn how to create beautiful yet simple portraits with simple flash photography on a tight budget. We will also teach you how to prepare your subjects, how to pose their bodies and how to pose their faces. We will also discuss the basics of choosing a lens for portraiture.

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  • Title: Classic Portrait Photography
  • Author(s): SME Heroes
  • Release date: November 2019
  • Publisher(s): Stone River eLearning
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