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Classifying and Clustering Data with R

Video Description

An all inclusive guide to get well versed with Classifying and Clustering Data with R

About This Video

  • Leverage the power of Data Analysis and Statistics using the R programming language.
  • Discover best way to deal with temporal effects with time series analysis.
  • Learn about the very intuitive and easy to explain features of Decision tree.

In Detail

This video course provides the steps you need to carry out classification and clustering with R/RStudio software. You’ll understand hierarchical clustering, non-hierarchical clustering, density-based clustering, and clustering of tweets. It also provides steps to carry out classification using discriminant analysis and decision tree methods.

In addition, we cover time-series decomposition, forecasting, clustering, and classification. It includes several example sets of data that you can use for the methodologies covered. The approaches are illustrated using practical applications to data belonging to various fields.

By the end the course, you will be well-versed with clustering and classification using Cluster Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, Time-series Analysis, and decision trees.