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Book Description

You’re only a click away from online success The world of shopping is at a crossroads. While online sales are growing at runaway speed, many businesses are finding themselves left behind, discovering that what has worked so long in offline does not work online, and what works online does not necessarily translate offline: it simply doesn’t click.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
    1. The Click System
  6. 1 Why People Shop
    1. Shopping out of need
    2. Shopping out of desire
    3. Shopping because we are told to
    4. Shopping to be social
    5. Blueprint
  7. 2 Why People Shop Online
    1. Shoppers want to save time
    2. Shoppers want low prices (sometimes)
    3. Shoppers want what other people buy
    4. Shoppers want quick comparisons
    5. Shoppers want choice
    6. Shoppers want easy availability
    7. Shoppers want delivery on their terms
    8. Blueprint
  8. 3 How People Shop Online
    1. Shoppers are information seekers
    2. How shoppers gather information
    3. Shopping technology is changing
    4. Mobile shoppers treat stores as showrooms
    5. Shoppers have low attention spans
    6. Shoppers move their eyes a lot
    7. Shoppers find online stores difficult to use
    8. Shoppers don’t all behave the same way
    9. Online shopping is a multistore activity
    10. Shoppers like easy comparisons
    11. Fitting in with the internet shopper
    12. Blueprint
  9. 4 It’s All About Prices
    1. Psychological priming of price expectation
    2. Customers have an impact on prices
    3. Choosing the right numbers for prices
    4. How price displays affect buyers
    5. Discounting and its impact on sales
    6. Are special offers worth it?
    7. The consequences of dynamic pricing
    8. The problems with price comparison
    9. Do prices matter?
    10. Blueprint
  10. 5 Shopping Carts Get Abandoned
    1. The online shopping cart is cumbersome
    2. Unexpected payment problems
    3. Shipping makes people angry
    4. Free shipping comes at a cost
    5. Slowness causes frustration
    6. What if people want to think about their purchase?
    7. It’s a taxing moment
    8. Making people spend more than they want
    9. Do you want people to buy?
    10. The perfect shopping cart
    11. Blueprint
  11. 6 Happy Customers Buy Again
    1. The customer is always wrong
    2. Help me, I’m lost
    3. Surprising people makes them like you
    4. Automation fails to help retailers
    5. Talking is good
    6. Big or small, it doesn’t matter
    7. Blueprint
  12. 7 Do My Friends Like It?
    1. Sharing comes naturally to shoppers
    2. Facebook is a shopper’s dream
    3. Twitter is a complainer’s dream
    4. Pinterest is a retailer’s dream
    5. Google+ is an expert’s dream
    6. A social media strategy
    7. Blueprint
  13. 8 Can The Retailer Be Trusted?
    1. Do other people trust the store?
    2. Ratings aren’t all they’re cracked up to be
    3. Trust is a gut instinct
    4. Blueprint
  14. 9 Avoiding The Cons
    1. Sorry, you haven’t won a prize
    2. No one really wants to help you
    3. Squeezing only makes the pips squeak
    4. You cannot make a million this afternoon
    5. Envy is a negative emotion
    6. The scams don’t work
    7. Blueprint
  15. 10 Creating The Perfect Online Store
    1. Make it obvious what you’re selling
    2. Make the shopping process simple
    3. Make sure people can see clearly how to pay
    4. Use the colors that work best
    5. Choose the most appropriate shopping cart
      1. 1. Do you need a merchant account?
      2. 2. What type of merchant account do you need?
      3. 3. Do you need a payment processor?
      4. 4. Do you need a virtual terminal?
      5. 5. Can you use an alternative to the merchant route?
      6. 6. Do you want to take subscriptions?
      7. 7. Do you need a shopping cart at all?
      8. 8. What kind of shopping cart do you need?
      9. 9. Do you sell downloads?
      10. 10. Are you technically minded?
    6. Create customer engagement
    7. Demonstrate that you are security conscious
    8. Blueprint
  16. 11 The Future Of Online Shopping
    1. Change is not always different
    2. We have the technology
    3. Niche sites will offer choice and convenience
    4. Customer service will improve
    5. The need for speed
    6. Retail will depend on online shopping
    7. And what of bricks and mortar?
    8. Learning from one another
  17. 12 Click.Ology
    1. Convenient: offering real choice and control
    2. Likeable: liking your customers and customers liking you
    3. Informative: making things clear
    4. Customized: offering personalized care
    5. Knowledgeable: gaining trust through expertise
  18. Notes
  19. Index
  20. Acknowledgments