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Closing the Skills Gap: Innovative Talent Management Solutions For a Changing Workforce

Video Description

In a knowledge-based economy, it is talent that differentiates companies. And the responsibility for attracting and retaining great talent can't be delegated to HR alone. Talent and talent-related issues must be a top priority for senior executives, who can no longer be complacent in recruiting, developing, and retaining high-potential employees and future leaders. Consultant and author Dr. David DeLong, a research fellow at the MIT AgeLab, has conducted extensive research and developed proven solutions to help organizations address their most critical talent management issues. This includes accelerating knowledge transfer in multigenerational workplaces and identifying the key talent problems that can kill profits. In this interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, DeLong shares insights from research for his forthcoming book, Closing the Skills Gap: Innovative Talent Management Solutions for a Changing Workforce. DeLong provides ideas to help executives develop the leadership and workforce capabilities to drive future growth and innovation.