Multitenancy: A New Architecture for Clouds

Enrique Jiménez-Domingo

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

Ángel Lagares-Lemos

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

Juan Miguel Gómez-Berbís

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain


12.1  Abstract

12.2  Introduction: Concepts and Features

12.3  Background

12.4  Features, Advantages and Problems

12.5  Modeling Multitenancy

12.6  An Original Example

12.6.1  Implementation  Database Modification  Driver Implementation  Security Limitations

12.7  Future Research Directions

12.8  Conclusions

12.1  Abstract

Multitenancy is one of the basic principles of Cloud Computing. Sharing resources is one of the main advantages of the Cloud Computing paradigm and multitenancy ...

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