Cloud-Native Microservices with Apache Pulsar: Build Distributed Messaging Microservices

Book description

Apply different enterprise integration and processing strategies available with Pulsar, Apache's multi-tenant, high-performance, cloud-native messaging and streaming platform. This book is a comprehensive guide that examines using Pulsar Java libraries to build distributed applications with message-driven architecture.

You'll begin with an introduction to Apache Pulsar architecture. The first few chapters build a foundation of message-driven architecture. Next, you'll perform a setup of all the required Pulsar components. The book also covers work with Apache Pulsar client library to build producers and consumers for the discussed patterns. 

You'll then explore the transformation, filter, resiliency, and tracing capabilities available with Pulsar. Moving forward, the book will discuss best practices when building message schemas and demonstrate integration patterns using microservices. Security is an important aspect of any application;the book will cover authentication and authorization in Apache Pulsar such as Transport Layer Security (TLS), OAuth 2.0, and JSON Web Token (JWT). The final chapters will cover Apache Pulsar deployment in Kubernetes. You'll build microservices and serverless components such as AWS Lambda integrated with Apache Pulsar on Kubernetes. 

After completing the book, you'll be able to comfortably work with the large set of out-of-the-box integration options offered by Apache Pulsar.
What You'll Learn
  • Examine the important Apache Pulsar components 
  • Build applications using Apache Pulsar client libraries
  • Use Apache Pulsar effectively with microservices
  • Deploy Apache Pulsar to the cloud

Who This Book Is For

Cloud architects and software developers who build systems in the cloud-native technologies.

Product information

  • Title: Cloud-Native Microservices with Apache Pulsar: Build Distributed Messaging Microservices
  • Author(s): Rahul Sharma, Mohammad Atyab
  • Release date: December 2021
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484278390