Cloud Security and Governance: Who's on your cloud?

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Increasingly worried about security and compliance in the Cloud? Your questions answered – buy this guide today ...

The rise of Cloud Computing, with services delivered ""in the cloud"", offers businesses incredible power and flexibility. It promises the efficient use of human and financial capital resources, reducing infrastructure and operation costs. It proposes a model of computing that is effective at meeting the demands of business in a rapidly changing environment.

Security and Compliance Issues

One of the most difficult challenges related to Cloud Computing, revolves around the security and compliance issues associated with it. This is a major concern and will continue to be so, with the ever increasing onslaught of regulations impacting security controls.

This pocket guide explains and highlights some of the key security and compliance issues surrounding Cloud adoption, and provides helpful insight into how they can be addressed.

Read this pocket guide and …
  • Learn what Cloud Computing is. This guide provides a definition of Cloud Computing, before going through the essential characteristics it comprises. Cloud deployment methods and the benefits of Cloud Computing are then discussed.

  • Understand Cloud security and privacy issues. Security and compliance are two of the primary inhibitors in Cloud adoption. This pocket guide highlights the security and privacy considerations to keep in mind when planning your Cloud strategy.

  • Be aware of the key compliance challenges.Cloud compliance has several important challenges that do not relate specifically to security. This guide details some of the key compliance challenges that you will need to address, including multinational considerations, business continuity and disaster recovery, legal issues and specific regulatory requirements.

  • The areas of security and compliance often represent the biggest inhibitors to adoption of Cloud Computing, and because the potential impacts of problems in these areas are so profound, it is essential that you carefully identify your requirements in these areas, perform extensive due diligence, and work with your provider to develop and monitor processes that will help you both succeed.

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    • Title: Cloud Security and Governance: Who's on your cloud?
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: October 2010
    • Publisher(s): IT Governance Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781849280983