Clusters for High Availability: A Primer of HP Solutions, Second Edition

Book Description

The expert guide to high availability clusters for HP-UX, Linux, Windows 2000, and Windows NT.

  • The start-to-finish guide to high availability clustering

  • Includes ways to maximize enterprise application availability—and minimize cost

  • Completely updated for the latest tools, technologies, and applications

  • Describes high availability solutions in HP-UX, Linux, and Windows environments

  • Business-critical applications require higher availability than ever before-and today's high availability systems rely on clustering as a key strategy for maximizing reliability and robustness. In Clusters for High Availability, Second Edition, Peter S. Weygant covers all three pillars of successful high availability computing: robust technology, sound computing processes, and proactive support. He addresses every aspect of delivering high availability clustered systems: terminology, architecture, implementation, management, monitoring, and beyond. Coverage includes:

  • Fundamental concepts and components associated with high availability clustering

  • A 14-step checklist for assessing your high availability needs

  • Clustering techniques for HP-UX, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Linux

  • Clustered storage, backup, and network infrastructure solutions

  • Practical techniques for building "disaster-tolerant" systems

  • State-of-the-art cluster replication, monitoring, and management tools

  • Weygant presents several brand-new case studies, including an Oracle Parallel Server application providing 5nines:5minutes protection; a high availability brokerage application built using a continental cluster; and a storage area network solution designed for an Internet service provider. The book also contains an extensive glossary.

    If you're responsible for delivering high availability, Clusters for High Availability is the comprehensive, up-to-date blueprint you need.

    Product Information

    • Title: Clusters for High Availability: A Primer of HP Solutions, Second Edition
    • Author(s): Peter S. Weygant - Hewlett-Packard Company
    • Release date: May 2001
    • Publisher(s): Prentice Hall
    • ISBN: 0130893552