List of Tables


Table 2–1: Process Areas in the Continuous Representation

Table 2–2: CMMI Results

Table 3–1: Lean and Six Sigma: Relationships between Process Steps, Defect Opportunities, and Variance

Table 5–1: Motorola Mapping of DFSS and DMAIC to the CMMI

Table 5–2: Motorola Training

Table 6–1: Motorola DFSS Curriculum Tailored for Software

Table 6–2: Motorola Role-Specific Training Plan

Table 8–1: LMCO IS&S Program Types

Table 9–1: Initial Data Collection and Evaluation

Table 9–2: Baseline Descriptive Statistics

Table 9–3: Pareto Analysis Multimap

Table F–1: VOC Table Format

Table F–2: VOC Analysis Guidance

Table F–3: Example of a Pugh’s Concept ...

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