Appendix D. Glossary

The glossary defines the basic terms used in CMMI models. Glossary entries are typically multiple-word terms consisting of a noun and one or more restrictive modifiers. (There are some exceptions to this rule that account for one-word terms in the glossary.)

To formulate definitions appropriate for CMMI, we consulted multiple sources. We first consulted the Merriam-Webster OnLine dictionary ( We also consulted other standards as needed, including the following:

• ISO/IEC 12207 [ISO 1995]

• ISO 9000 [ISO 2000]

• ISO/IEC 15288 [ISO 2002a]

• ISO/IEC 15939 [ISO 2002b]

• ISO 20000-1 [ISO 2005]

• ISO/IEC 15504 [ISO 2006]

• IEEE [IEEE 1991]

• CobiT v. 4.0 [IT Governance 2005]

• CMM for Software (SW-CMM) v1.1

• EIA ...

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