SIMSIDES Block Libraries and Models

This appendix contains a compilation of all M building blocks and libraries included in SIMSIDES. A brief description of their purpose and functionality, as well as their main model parameters, is provided.

B.1 Overview of SIMSIDES Libraries

Table B.1 compiles all libraries included in SIMSIDES together with a brief description of their contents. These libraries are divided into two main categories: Ideal Libraries and Real Libraries. The former contains ideal building blocks, whereas the latter includes behavioral models that incorporate circuit-level nonidealities. The libraries containing integrators and resonators are subdivided into several specific sublibraries, which include in turn building-block models corresponding to different circuit-level implementations. For instance, SC integrators are subdivided into FE and LD integrators; CT integrators are subdivided into Gm-C, active-RC, etc.

Table B.1 Overview of SIMSIDES libraries

Ideal Libraries Sublibraries Building Blocks
Integrators Ideal DT/CT integrators
Resonators Ideal resonators
Quantizers & Comparators Ideal quantizers
D/A Converters Ideal DACs
Real Libraries Sublibraries Building Blocks
Integrators SC FE integrators Forward-Euler SC integrators
SC LD integrators Lossless-Direct SC integrators
SI FE integrators Forward-Euler SI integrators
SI LD integrators ...

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