List of Abbreviations

M Sigma-delta modulator
AAF Antialiasing filter
AC Alternate current
A/D Analog-to-digital
ADC Analog-to-digital converter
ADSL Asymmetric digital subscriber line
AMPS Advanced mobile phone system
ASIC Application-specific integrated circuit
BB Baseband
BE Backward-Euler
BGA Ball grid array
BP Band-pass
BP-M Band-pass sigma-delta modulator
BPF Band-pass filter
CAD Circuit aided design
CDMA Code division multiple access
CDS Correlated double sampling
CLA Clocked averaging
CMFB Common-mode feedback
CMOS Complementary MOSFET
CPU Central processing unit
CS Current-steering
CT Continuous-time
CT-M Continuous-time sigma-delta modulator
D/A Digital-to-analog
DAC Digital-to-analog converter
DC Direct current
DCL Digital cancelation logic
DEM Dynamic element matching
DMT Discrete multitone
DNL Differential nonlinearity
DOR Digital output rate
DR Dynamic range
DRC Design rule checker
DSP Digital signal processor
DT Discrete-time
DT-M Discrete-time sigma-delta modulator
DVB Digital video ...

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