We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Prof. Belén Pérez-Verdú and Prof. Angel Rodríguez-Vázquez from the University of Sevilla. We are indebted to them for so many things we learnt, not only related to the contents of this book, but also many life values and skills we have put in practice throughout our professional careers, first as their PhD students, then as senior researchers, and later as university professors. Our warm and special acknowledgement and dedication of this book goes to them.

We are also particularly grateful to our colleagues at the Institute of Microelectronics of Sevilla and the Department of Electronics and Electromagnetism of the University of Sevilla, especially to Prof. Francisco Fernández, Dr. Manuel Delgado, Dr. Rafael Castro, Dr. Rafael Domínguez, Dr. Oscar Guerra, Mr. Joaquín Ceballos, and Mr. Miguel Angel Lagos. Among them, we are especially grateful to our friend Dr. Fernando Medeiro, with whom we took our first steps in the fascinating world of sigma-delta modulators, working side by side in a number of research and industrial projects. Thank you very much Fernando!

We would also like to acknowledge our past and present undergraduate and graduate students, especially Dr. Jesús Ruíz-Amaya, Mr. Rafael Romay, Dr. Ramón Tortosa, Dr. Alonso Morgado, Dr. Edwin Becerra, Mr. Gerardo García, Mr. Luis Guerrero-Linares, and Mr. Sohail Asghar. Some pieces of material used for the preparation of this book have been adapted from their ...

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