CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram

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CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram, Second Edition is the perfect study guide to help you pass the CNA Certified Nursing Assistant exam. It provides coverage and practice questions for every current exam topic and is fully revised to reflect the latest NNAAP test plan. The book presents you with an organized test preparation routine through the use of proven series elements and techniques. Exam Alerts, sidebars, and notes interspersed throughout the text keep you focused on what you need to know. Exam prep questions help you assess your knowledge, and the Cram Sheet tear card is the perfect last-minute review. Covers the critical information youll need to know to score higher on your CNA Certified Nursing Assistant exam! Discover the roles and responsibilities of the nursing assistant to promote health and safety of residents Review specialized care Rely on new clinical skills performance checklist Companion Website The companion website provides access to the Cram Sheet and the Pearson Test Prep practice test software featuring three practice tests, giving you an effective tool to assess your readiness for the CNA exam. The Pearson Test Prep Practice test software is available in both an online application and a Windows desktop offline application in multiple test modes. Pearson Test Prep online system requirements: Browsers: Chrome version 40 and above; Firefox version 35 and above; Safari version 7; Internet Explorer 10, 11; Microsoft Edge; Opera. Devices: Desktop and laptop computers, tablets running on Android and iOS, smartphones with a minimum screen size of 4.7". Internet access required. Pearson Test Prep offline system requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, or Vista (SP2); Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Client; Pentium-class 1 GHz processor (or equivalent); 512 MB RAM; 650 MB disk space plus 50 MB for each downloaded practice exam; access to the Internet to register and download exam databases

Table of contents

  1. About This E-Book
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents at a glance
  6. Table of Contents
  7. Chapter 1: What You Need to Know to Prepare for the Exam
    1. Taking the Written Examination
      1. Testing Readiness
      2. Testing Strategies
      3. Answering the Questions
    2. Taking the Clinical Skills Test
    3. Self-Assessment
    4. Exam Prep Questions
    5. Answer Rationales
  8. Chapter 2: The Roles and Responsibilities of the Nursing Assistant
    1. Your Role and Responsibilities
      1. Job Responsibilities
      2. Other Tasks and Duties
      3. Job Limitations
    2. Personal Qualities
    3. The Nursing Assistant as a Member of the Health-Care Team
      1. Other Team Members
      2. Being a Team Player
    4. Communication and Interpersonal Skills Needed for Effective CNA Practice
    5. Legal and Ethical Considerations in Practice
    6. Resident Rights
    7. Ethics
    8. Exam Prep Questions
    9. Answer Rationales
  9. Chapter 3: Promotion of Health and Safety
    1. Review of Body Systems Affected by Aging
    2. Communicable Diseases and Their Effect on Health
      1. Role of the Nursing Assistant to Prevent the Spread of Communicable Diseases
      2. Medical Asepsis
      3. Mask, Eye Protection, Face Shield, Gowns
      4. Sharp Objects
      5. Resident Equipment
      6. Environment
      7. Linens
      8. Surgical Asepsis
      9. Resident Safety
    3. Reporting Accidents or Incidents
    4. Exam Prep Questions
    5. Answer Rationales
  10. Chapter 4: Promotion of Function and Health of Residents
    1. Personal Care Skills
      1. Activities of Daily Living
      2. Shaving
      3. Nail Care
    2. Restorative Skills
      1. Self-Care and Independence
      2. Mobility/Immobility
      3. Health Maintenance and Restoration
    3. Psychosocial Care Skills
      1. Emotional and Mental Health Needs
      2. Cultural Needs
      3. Spiritual Needs
      4. Sexual Needs
      5. Data Collection and Reporting
    4. Exam Prep Questions
    5. Answer Rationales
  11. Chapter 5: Specialized Care
    1. Physical Problems
      1. Vision Impairment
      2. Hearing Impairments
      3. Speech Impairment
      4. Respiratory Problems
      5. Cardiovascular Problems
      6. Paralysis
      7. Digestive and Elimination Problems
      8. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)
    2. Psychological Problems
      1. Confusion
      2. Aggressive Residents
      3. Dementias
      4. The Depressed Resident
    3. The Terminally Ill Resident
    4. Exam Prep Questions
    5. Answer Rationales
  12. Chapter 6: Clinical Skills Performance Checklist
    1. Handwashing
    2. Measuring Body Temperature
      1. Oral Temperature Measurement with Electronic Monitor
      2. Rectal Temperature Measurement with Electronic Thermometer
      3. Axillary Temperature with Electronic Thermometer
      4. Tympanic Membrane Temperature with Electronic Thermometer
    3. Measuring the Radial and Apical Pulse
      1. Radial Pulse
      2. Apical Pulse
    4. Measuring the Respirations
    5. Blood Pressure
    6. Partial Bedbath
    7. Perineal Care of the Female Resident
    8. Nail Care (Fingers and Toes)
    9. Mouth (Oral) Care
    10. Mouth (Oral) Care: Care of Dentures
    11. Dressing
    12. Applying Elastic Support Hose
    13. Making an Occupied Bed
      1. Moving the Resident to the Side of the Bed
      2. Supine Position
      3. Fowler’s Position
      4. Lateral (Side-Lying) Position
      5. Sim’s Position
      6. Prone Position
      7. Orthopneic Position
      8. Logrolling the Resident
    14. Assisting the Resident to Sit on the Side of the Bed
    15. Assisting the Resident to Transfer from the Bed to a Chair or Wheelchair
    16. Transferring the Resident from a Bed with a Mechanical Lift
    17. Moving the Resident from a Bed to a Stretcher (Gurney)
    18. Using a Gait-Transfer Belt to Assist the Resident to Ambulate
    19. Passive Range of Motion Exercises
    20. Monitoring Resident in Restraints
    21. Feeding
    22. Offering the Bedpan
    23. Performing Ostomy Care
    24. Administering a Cleansing Enema
    25. Recording Intake and Output (I & O)
    26. Measuring and Recording Output from a Urinary Drainage Bag
    27. Indwelling Catheter Care
    28. Applying a Condom Catheter
    29. Collecting Specimens
      1. Routine Urine Specimen
      2. Clean Catch Urine Specimen
      3. Urine Specimen from an Indwelling Catheter
      4. Stool Specimen
    30. Isolation Procedures
    31. Choking Relief
      1. Putting on Disposable Gown, Gloves, Goggles, and Mask
      2. Removing Disposable Gown, Gloves, Goggles, and Mask
      3. Assisting with Post-Mortem Care
  13. Practice Exam I
    1. Exam Questions
  14. Answers to Practice Exam I
    1. Answers at a Glance
    2. Rationales for Answers to Practice Exam I
  15. Practice Exam II
    1. Exam Questions
  16. Answers to Practice Exam II
    1. Answers at a Glance
    2. Rationales for Answers to Practice Exam II
  17. Practice Exam III
    1. Exam Questions
  18. Answers to Practice Exam III
    1. Answers at a Glance
    2. Rationales for Answers to Practice Exam III
  19. Appendix A: Nursing Assistant Test Cross-Reference
  20. Glossary
  21. Index

Product information

  • Title: CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram
  • Author(s): Linda Whitenton, Marty Walker
  • Release date: June 2017
  • Publisher(s): Pearson IT Certification
  • ISBN: 9780134692319